Sky Contact Number: 0843 504 7160

Contact Sky on their customer service helpline 0843 504 7160 or phone for free using the number 0800 151 2747.

You can reach a Sky customer service advisor by phone on 0843 504 7160 or by calling their freephone contact number which is 0800 151 2747. These numbers will connect you to a helpful service team member who will assist you with your Sky TV (Sky Plus & Sky Apps) or Sky Broadband problem or billing enquiry. New customers or those wanting upgrades for these services should also contact these numbers.

For Sky Talk contact numbers, look at the list below to find the number you should use for your query. Note that these are UK local rate numbers. For online options including live chat services, visit the official Sky Talk help page at

Sky Talk Phone Numbers

Sky Talk Technical Support 03300 412 553
Join Sky Talk orĀ Upgrade your Sky Talk Package 03300 412 554
Cancel Sky Talk 03300 412 556
Downgrade your Sky Talk Package 03300 412 557