Orange PAYG Contact Number: 07973 100 450

If you want to top up your Orange Pay as You Go (PAYG) mobile phone, then just contact them by dialling 450 or call them on 07973 100 450 or +44 7973 100 450 if you’re abroad.

Orange mobile is one half of the equation that created the current leading mobile network in the UK – EE. The Orange brand is owned by a French mobile network company while its partner, T-Mobile is owned by a German company. Together, they create EE which is now under its parent company, BT. EE has more than a third of the market of mobile users in the UK, making them the current market leader. This is mainly due to the fact that they were both already looming giants in the industry before ever deciding to merge.

Today, the Orange brand is no longer in use, except to pertain to the current numbers that were from Orange Mobile.

How to Top Up

If you don’t want to overspend on mobile network fees and charges, an Orange pay as you go plan may just be for you. With an Orange Pay as You Go line, you will have full control over your mobile spending. The following are the ways through which you can get a mobile top up:

Note: before you’re able to get a top up, you need to register a card first here:

  • Get a top up by texting the last four numbers of the credit card or debit card you registered with Orange (Space) the amount of top up (space) and the security code on your card. Send this message to 2886.
  • You can also call 450 directly from your Orange mobile and follow the instructions for topping up.
  • You can also get a top up from an ATM. Choose ‘Mobile Top Up’ from the options on the screen and then choose Orange mobile.
  • Visit any participating shop that has the green top up logo. Ask for the amount of top up that you want, then give them the E top up swipe card that came with your sim, then pay them.
  • You can also get a top up with the ‘My EE app’. Text ‘APP’ to 150.
  • If you’re outside the UK, you can call them up on +44 7973 100 450 to get a top up over the phone.
  • You can also buy an E-voucher from participating stores and then top up by calling 450.
  • You can also send ‘VO(space)the 16 digit voucher code’ to 450.
  • If you want to check your credit, then just send ‘Balance’ to 450.