Matty B Phone Number

For the moment, we do not have a contact phone number for rapper Matty B. To contact MattyB, you need to visit his twitter account @MattyBRaps or Facebook account:

MattyB is an internet sensation who started his career at the tender age of 7. Several years into his ‘career’ he is now an internet veteran. He has more than 6 million subscribers who have already given him 2.6 billion total views for all his videos. Put together, he also has almost 9 million subscribers on twitter and facebook.

These loyal followers give him in excess of 90 million views every single month. He is known mostly in the Youtube space, but he is now currently slowly breaking his way into mainstream media and stardom. To add to his street cred, he has already appeared in highly regarded talk shows such as the Dr. Phil Show and the Queen Latifah Show. He is currently believed to be the number 1 internet celebrity capitalizing on the ‘tween’ market.

Matty B via the Web and Social Media

If you’re one of MattyB’s legions of followers and would like to learn more about this young celebrity, then you can check out his official website:

It’s there that you’ll learn who he is, how he started, and what his musical work entails. You’ll also be abreast of the schedule and whereabouts of his succeeding tours and concert shows.

If you want to connect with him, you can follow him on twitter @MattyBRaps. You can also checkout his Facebook page at:

If you want to see his latest videos, then visit his YouTube channel at:

Unfortunately for those who just can’t get enough of this ‘tween’ heartbreaker, there doesn’t appear to be any publicly known mobile phone or any other contact number to reach MattyB. There is also no known email address from which MattyB directly corresponds. What is available however is an email address that’s reserved for press and business enquiries.

Email MattyB

This means that if you would like to book MattyB for a gig, sponsor him in some way or ask him questions for a story you’re writing for your newspaper, magazine or website, then just drop him (or maybe his parents and agents) a line on: