L&Q Contact Number: 0300 456 9998

If you would like to enquire about new-build properties, then you can contact L&Q on their home sales phone number: 0300 456 9998.

If you’re interested in doing business with L&Q, then call them up on their head office phone number 0300 456 9998.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born rich or have a high paying occupation. There are those who struggle to meet their basic needs. One of these basic needs happens to be a shelter or a home to live in. This is where L&Q comes in. L&Q was founded in 1963. It has since grown to become one of the largest developers of residential houses in London.

L&Q is also recognised as a leading housing association in the UK. They own in excess of 70,000 homes within the London area as well as in the South East. L&Q is very well respected within the community that they serve and operate in, this is why they already have great working relationship with more than 90 authorities in the locality. L&Q has more than a thousand staff working in 18 locations.

Phone or Fax L&Q

  • If you would like to contact the L&Q head office, then call them on 0300 456 9998.
  • You can calso fax them on 0800 619 0213.
  • If you’re a resident and would like to report an emergency repair, then call them on 0800 015 6536 or  0208 045 4011 on mobile
  • Residents can also call this number 0800 015 6536 or 0300 456 9996 for enquiries.

Web Contact Forms for Residents

L&Q Postal Address

The L&Q head office is located at:

One Kings Hall Mews,
SE13 5JQ,
United Kingdom.

The main mission of the L&Q housing association is the creation of houses and pads that people would want to live in. In effect, they uphold the dignity of their residents by providing them with respectable homes.