GE Money Contact Number: 0345 070 4299

To enquire about the GE Money loans and mortgage offerings, contact their Customer Service phone line on 0345 070 4299.

With GE Money, you’ll be able to get loans such as a personal loan, insurance or even a mortgage on your house. For those in need, and those who have their finances under control, a loan will seem like a godsend. Like any other bank or financial institution, GE Money also reminds those who wish to take out loans against their properties to be on top of their finances so that they won’t lose their property. This is after all the real danger of loans – losing your collateral.

The use of money is a very curious thing. It seems that everything we do revolves around money, in some way. There are those who despise it and those who worship it. Well, however you may see money, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is essential to our very survival in this world. This is why when we have expenses that need payment and our bank accounts seem a little inadequate, then a loan is certainly welcome. GE, or General Electric, has a financial institution that offers their customers these much needed loans – GE Money.

Phone up GE Money

If you want to speak to their customer support team directly to get answers for your enquiries, then contact them on their Customer Services phone line on 0345 070 4299.

You can use this number for enquiries about your account, the mortgage rates, additional borrowing and other queries about their loans services.

If you’re behind with your monthly payments, then you can call their advice phone number 0800 316 1642.

If you’re calling abroad, then call them using the phone number +44 1923 426 426.

If you have some finance complaints that you would like to discuss with GE Money, then dial 0800 528 2825.

Email GE Money

You can also send your complaints via email to:

GE Money on the Web

If you’re one of the GE Money’s customers or would want to be, then it would be best to learn all about their services by reviewing their FAQs here:

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Their offices are located at:

GE Money Home Lending,
Building 4, Hatters Lane,
Croxley Green Business Park,
WD18 8YF,
United Kingdom.