DGS/RPP DD Contact Number: 0800 561 4493

To get support from Domestic & General with your DGS/RPP DD bank statement entries, contact them on the phone by dialling 0800 561 4493.

You can also cancel your account with them by contacting them on 0800 561 4496.

DGS/RPP DD entries on your direct debit bank statement are an issue many people spot. Many of you won’t remember what this company was or you may not care, but when your bank statement shows these companies taking money directly from your account, that’s the time you’ll probably care. Sadly, that’s what usually happens. Instead of keeping track of all your financial records, many unintended purchases and expenses sneak their way into your budget, inflating your expenses – in effect, surprising you or even angering you.

With the convenience of direct debit payments, we sometimes lose prudence. This is especially true when it comes to money. The very subject of money requires caution and good judgement but when the bank statement comes along, we are usually surprised by one or two entries that we may or may not remember giving permission to access our bank account.

DGS/RPP DD stands for Domestic & General Services/ Regular Payment Plan Direct Debit. If you have this on your bank statement, it means that at some point,you have given them permission (whether intentionally or inadvertently) to take a direct debit from your account. This could be related to an appliance you purchased and its warranty. You could’ve also gotten their boiler protection plan and may have forgotten about it.

Phone Numbers for DGS/RPP DD

If you have questions about that particular bank statement entry and would like to dispute it, then you can call Domestic & General on 0800 561 4493.

If you would prefer to cancel your account with Domestic & General, then call them up on 0800 561 4496.

DGS/RPP DD via the Web

They are also quick to inform their customers that they prefer their customers to contact them via their online contact for here: https://partners.domgen.com/ContactUsForms

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