What is a programme that tells you to act?

“Well”, you might think “aren’t most programmes like that – a set of instructions or principles that compel us to do something?”

The answer to this is of course: ‘yes’. Fortunately the ACT Programme based upon this website has no such compunctions – you can simply read this information, and whether you decide to act or not is upon your discretion. You may even decide to try acting without acting, in a manner evocative of Zen or Taoist thought.

However you grade your behaviour, or lack of behaviour, as a result of reading this short message you are now enrolled, by the virtue of a mere moment spent reading this, in the ACT Programme. This can mean something or nothing, and it is for you to decide how to behave in your life from here on. Is this deep – or shallow? Meaningful and profound, or meaningless twaddle?

Only your attitude can determine that. ACT.

Compelling Highlights: Phone Numbers

Financial arrangements are a fact of living, however our contact details for GE Money make dealing with this particularĀ mortgage and loan lender that bit easier.

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Gift ideas are forever confounding ordinary people, especially when it means buying something for those who effectively have everything – luckily our contact numbers for Buyagift have advisors present to help out.

The wondrous art form that is rap has mesmerised audiences for over three deacdes, so it’s small wonder that our contact info for Matty B is so favoured by people wanting to chat with this legendary young rap star.

We all need a home to listen to great music in, which is why our excellent contact details for L&Q let you enquire about their new build constructions in a way that means you’ll have a great place to live, fast.

Sometimes when we need a bit of cash, enquiring about lending on these M&S Loans phone numbers is crucial

Everyone wants perfect travel, and those wanting to take a trip faraway will be pleased to hear that the contact numbers for MakeMyTrip have people on them whose talents in making your journey and stay abroad excellent is noted – why not give them a call, and see about having a superb trip made for you?

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Mobile phones are a fact of life nowadays, and our phone numbers for Orange Pay as You Go highlight just how popular this form of handset usage is nowadays, with customer services dedicated to this particular form of non-contractual usage.

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